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HLA - B5 (B*51/52)

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HLA B5 has two splits B*51 and B*52 of which only B*51 is important in the etiology of Behcet’s disease. HLA B* 51 and B*52 have almost similar distribution in Indian population ranging from 6.8- 15% in various ethnic groups in the country. Ocular involvement, which could lead to serious complications, is a very important feature of Behcet’s disease. HLA- B *51 positivity increases the risk for Behcet’s disease by six times. HLA– B*52 is not associated with additional risk.

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Reverse SSOP - Luminex
4 mL (3 mL min.) whole blood in 1 Lavender Top (EDTA) tube OR 6 mL (3 mL min.) whole blood in 1 Yellow Top (ACD) tube. Ship refrigerated. DO NOT FREEZE.
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